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The mission of the American Climbing Institute is to offer innovative training for recreational climbers and professional climbing instructors. Our goal is to be the definitive source for training recreational climbers and the source for setting educational standards for the training and certification of climbing instructors in the U.S.

We provide innovative technical and educational content to all levels of the U.S. instructional climbing community and teach best practices that improve the safety, quality and delivery of technical climbing instruction.

The American Climbing Institute’s curriculums and techniques are based on the education and certification programs, created by Alan Jolley over the last 25 years, for the American Mountain Guides Association, the Professional Climbing Instructors Association, and the Professional Climbing Guides Institute. ACI’s programs for recreational climbers and instructor / guides are broken into 1 & 2 day course modules, that allow you to learn at your own speed and that are convenient for your schedule.

We will help you refine your traditional climbing skills through extensive hands-on field work and supervised structured practice with your instructor. We also encourage critical thinking. What you do isn’t as important as why you did what you did. The process that we introduce is considered and logical.

Our belief is that “Practice doesn’t make perfect … perfect practice makes perfect”.

Included in our course offerings are complete written materials, and instructional DVDs from Guide Tricks for Climbers which can be reviewed off the rock at any time to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Rock Climbing Gear, Self Rescue, Climbing Training, Climbing InstructorsACI’s approach to climbing education is professional and thorough. Our goal is to cultivate a professional guides awareness of risk and problem solving skills in every student we teach. Teaching isn’t our profession. It’s our passion!

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