Alan Jolley

Alan Jolley at workAlan Jolley has been guiding for more than 35 years and was instrumental in creating and implementing the national guide training program currently in use by the American Mountain Guides Association. In 1990 he was field examined and certified as a Level II Rock Guide, the highest rock guide certification in the US.

He founded the United States Mountain Guides Association (USMGA) in 2001 and served as it’s Vice-President for two years. In 2005 he co-founded the Professional Climbing Instructors Association (PCIA). He was member of the Technical Committee of the Professional Climbing Guides Institute (PCGI) in 2011.

He has trained and certified hundreds of aspiring rock guides and continues to introduce climbers and guides of all experience levels to the tricks of the trade. Many of the techniques popularized in current books and magazines as well as technical systems taught by guides in the US were devised by Alan. He has created a series of instructional climbing videos for recreational climbers based on the techniques he developed for guides. They are available at