Guide Training

Guide TrainingThe techniques & thought processes a guide or instructor uses are very different than those used by typical climbers. If you have aspirations to be a guide or instructor then formal rock guide training is the professional expectation and a professional responsibility.

The principles of ACI have been on the cutting edge of guide education for more than two decades. Our methodology is logical and based on 25 years of training guides. There only a couple individuals in the US that have the experience and teaching ability to offer this quality of training. We are continuously experimenting with our course presentations to increase your learning speed. Additionally, we constantly research our content to give you the most up to date and pertinent info available.

If you’re entering the rock guiding field then our Top Climbing Instructor courses are a great place to start. If you feel confident running top rope sites and want to move into instructing on multi-pitch climbs then Rock Guide Training is the next logical step. If you’re already guiding and want to tune up your skills then consider booking some private guide instruction to refine what you’re already doing. When you think you’re ready to take your rock exam we can help you gain a realistic perspective of your skills and help you polish your skills before the exam.

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