Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

The Single Pitch Climbing Instructor course is a rigorous 4 day training for already proficient top rope climbing guides. This course addresses critical skills associated with lead climbing and teaching leading.  A Single Pitch Climbing Instructor (SPCI) is expected to be able to set up top rope climbs and manage the site whether from the top of the cliff or the bottom of the cliff. They are also expected to be able to confidently provide technical instruction in anchoring, belaying, and rappelling.

This course is the next step after the Top Rope Climbing Instructor course in the climbing guide continuum. The Single Pitch Climbing Instructor course gives you the skills to manage students on one pitch climbs. Many areas of the U.S. have crags that require leading to set up the top rope.

The course adds to the skills of a top rope guide. The nucleus of the course is the ability to place good protection while on lead, making it easy for your students to remove, and then building appropriately strong anchors for the climb you intend to top rope. Transitioning your students efficiently from climbing into the anchor and onto rappel or a lower is also a fundamental part of the course.

While the course focuses on terrain within one rope length of the ground, the skills are transferable to multi-pitch climbing instruction. It may be taken as a stand alone course or coupled with preceding courses. The SPCI course tuition includes an 100 page course book. The maximum ratio for the SPCI course is 4:1. For the most up to date Locations, Date, and Prices contact us. For the Equipment List and Pre-requisites click on the highlighted text.

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