Single Pitch Climbing Instructor Course Outline
American Climbing Institute

Day 1


Anchor Components
– natural pro – trees, boulders, horns
– artificial protection – stoppers, hexes, tri-cams, SLCD’s, bolts

Anchor contruction (mid-cliff anchors)
– constructed efficiently
– has master point
– fixed anchors
– using fixed anchor

Belaying the leader
– stance
– bottom anchor

Belaying clients
– type of belay

Fall line mangement/traverses
– swinging hazard recognition
– hazard mitigation

Stance management
– client positioning
– how to clip them in

Rope management
– butterfly
– lap coil

Transitions at the stance
– single client & 2 client transitions
– to a lower
– to a belayed rappel

Day 2

Evaluation Goals

  • 1. To assess candidates’ ability to lead safely and build a slingshot TR belay anchor in a timely fashion. Guide rappels to ground.
  • 2. To assess candidates’ ability to build an anchor, belay their clients to it in a timely fashion, to belay their clients appropriately, and to transition the clients onto a top belayed rappel – with 1 student, with 2 students
  • 3. To assess candidates’ ability to lower their clients from a mid-cliff anchor to the ground – with 1 student, with 2 students

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