Top Rope Climbing Instructor

Top Rope Climbing Instructor Course

The Top Rope Climbing Instructor (TRCI) course is intended to help recreational climbers transition to professional top rope instructor / guides. It is also appropriate for college rock climbing program leaders, rock climbing club leaders, and youth rock climbing program leaders. The maximum ratio of this course is 6:1.

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This 3 day course emphasizes the technical and educational proficiencies necessary to safely and professionally instruct climbing activities in a group setting. It is geared toward aspiring guides and those who are responsible for selecting, establishing and managing top-rope sites for organized groups.

Topics included in the course are expanding your repertoire of belay systems, rappelling methods; exploring and practicing methods of teaching and modeling these skills; developing quick and effective anchoring systems using natural and artificial anchors and learning about the subtleties of a variety of anchor configurations; establishing and running top managed & bottom managed top rope climbing sites; assisting and rescuing climbers; understanding the experiential education model along with briefing and debriefing processes and learning and teaching styles. This course can be scheduled at your convenience or you may attend one of our scheduled courses.

Top rope Climbing Instructor Course

TRCI Course Outline

• Intro
• Professionalism
• Climbing Equipment
• Knots
• Harnesses
• Belaying
• Pro Placement
• Student Fears
• Climbing Equipment (cont.)
• Anchor Systems
• Rappelling Over the Edge
• Bottom Managed Climbs
• Anchoring the Belayer
• Bottom Anchors
• Signals
• Rescuing Stuck Climber
• Rappel Site Management
• Managing 2nd – 4th Class terrain
• Top Anchors
• Lowering
• Simple Hauling Systems

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