Private Guiding

Rock Climbing Private Guide, Private Climbing GuidingComing to Colorado on a business trip or for a vacation? Let us share with you the incredible climbing near our base of operations in Boulder Colorado. Even in winter, many days are warm and there are hundreds of routes; many a 5 minute walk from the car.

RoutOn the Summites range in length from 50ft to 1200ft and from very easy to incredibly hard. There is a route for everyone regardless of time or technical ability. If you’re coming to Colorado for business or pleasure let us show you why people from all over the world come to Boulder to climb.

Some of Our Favorite Routes

  • East Face of the 3rd Flatiron, 800ft (5.2)
  • Wind Ridge, 350ft (5.6)
  • Calypso, 350ft (5.6)
  • The Bulge, 450ft (5.6)
  • Icarus, 500ft (5.6)
  • East Face of the 1st Flatiron, 1200ft (5.6)
  • The Bastille Crack, 375ft (5.7)
  • Rewritten, 500ft (5.7)
  • Touch and Go, 165ft (5.8)
  • Anthill Direct, 750ft(5.8)Sign Up for American Climbing Institute Guided Trip
  • Ruper, 750ft (5.8)
  • Long John Wall, 500ft (5.8)
  • Werk Supp, 165ft (5.8)
  • Yellow Spur (5.9)

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