Citizen Climber

What’s the best way to introduce your friend who has never climbed before to the sport. How would you arrange their first day on the rock? Check out our Top Roping course.

Or, you’ve learned to climb in the gym or with a guide and you want to be more self sufficient. Or, alternately you used to do quite a bit of traditional rock climbing, but your skills are rusty, and you feel that reviewing the fundamentals will enable you to get your confidence back and expand the number and types of climbing available to you. Check out our New Trad Leader course.

You have an increased responsibility to take care of your friends and family to the best of your ability. Wouldn’t it be nice to have additional tools and techniques to make sure that their climbing experience is fun and safe? Sign up for Self Rescue I.

We know you are busy and have limited time to devote to training so we developed the Citizen Climber curriculums to address these needs. You can learn at your own pace in the field, reinforced by reviewing our written course materials and DVD’s at home. Once you complete the Citizen Climber curriculums with ACI, you’ll feel comfortable and secure in your grasp of the fundamentals. Additionally, your skills make you a valuable asset for your school or church group climbing outing.

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