New Trad Leader

Are you interested in learning how to lead traditional rock climbs? Been climbing in the gym and want to do some adventure climbing? Then our New Trad Leader curriculum will help you develop the critical thinking process you’ll need to make good decisions on the rock. Additionally, you’ll learn skills that professionals use to protect themselves.

This course is designed for folks who are comfortable setting up their own top ropes and who have seconded multi-pitch climbs. (Our Top Roping course is a good place to polish those skills.) Although this is a good introduction we recommended you continue your education with a series of additional instructional days. Our courses include a 50 page course manual.

Remember the leader is responsible for the safety of the climbing team so start right with the best instruction available.

New Trad Leader

Tuition:  $550 for 1 person, $400 each for 2

Course Description
Length: 2 days

Day 1 – Topics

• choosing and organizing your equipment
• pro placement
• anchor components
• load distribution
• appropriate knots
• systems for belaying the leader and second

Recommendations: 1 additional structured practice day on the cliff post course. ($275 for 1 person, $200 each for 2)

Rock Climbing AnchorDay 2 – Topics
• route selection
• leading strategies
• rope management
• stance mangement
• retreating skills
• choosing the right length sling

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