Self Rescue I

Are you often nagged by the question “What if my partner can’t do the crux?” or “How would I retreat from a route if my partner or I had a minor injury?” The best thing is for the problem to never happen in the first place. Frequently having the skills to solve the problem prevents the problem.

SR I is designed to simplify the techniques so you’ll be able to learn them quickly and retain the skills so you’ll be able to use the techniques when it really counts.

Graduate of our New Trad Leader & New Multi-Pitch Leader courses or the equivalent.

An instructional DVD of the techniques taught in this course is available from
Guide Tricks for Climbers at discount when you signup for the course.

Day 1
• To Baseline from:
– waist belay
– re-directed belay
– direct anchor belay
• Cliff Practice

Day 2 Topics
• From Baseline to
– Raise
– Lower
– Counter-Balance Rappel
– Belay Escape
• Tandem Rappel
• Cliff Practice

Tuition: $550 for 1 person, $400 each for 2 people

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