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How can you introduce your family or friends to a sport you love, and reduce the stress of wondering whether you are doing the right thing to keep them safe? Or you’ve been climbing in the gym and know how to tie in, belay, and climb but you’re ready to climb outdoors. We’ll teach you a systematic approach that is adaptable for different areas and anchor types which reduces your setup time. Using this system you’ll get more climbing done and at the same time raise the safety level of your party. Top Roping courses includes a 50 page course manual. Click the highlighted text for the Equipment List.

Schedule & Tuition
This course can be scheduled at your convenience. The base price for the core curriculum for one student is $250 / day and for two students it’s $180 each / day.

Intro to Top RopingIntroduction to Top Roping (TR I)
Length: 2 days

• anchor components
• load distribution
• appropriate knots
• improvised harnesses
• rappelling over the edge safely
rescue stuck climber

Tuition: $500 for 1 person, $360 each for 2 people
Recommendations: 1 additional structured practice day on the cliff ($250 for 1, $180 each for 2)

RappellingRappelling (TR II)
Length: 1 day

• rappel anchor construction
• belaying the rappel
• releaseable rappel system

(allows you to fix stuck hair / clothing, etc)
Tuition: $250 for 1 person, $180 each for 2

Site Management

Lake & Sea Cliff Site Management (TR III)
Length: 1 day
• anchor considerations for top managed climbs
• belaying from the top
• appropriate devices & their position on the anchor
• lowering
• simple raising systems
Tuition: $250 for 1 person, $180 each for 2

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